The Lav-A-Sek is a product developed especially to wash your car without using water. Saving water is fundamental to the preservation of the environment, and car cleaning without the use of water is very important.

With Lav-A-Sek and only three microfiber cloths, you leave your car new again. Clear, glossy and without the use of water for this.

Can be used on cars, motorcycles, planes, boats and others that have enameled surface without risk of damage or stains.





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Autos: Provides excellent service cleaning or laundering banks, roofs, side panels, etc.. Leather, velvet, synthetic carpet, vinyl or leatherette cars and cars in general.

For cleaning of seats, roofs, side panels, etc.. Cleans leather, synthetic velvet, vinyl or curvin. Clean sofas, chairs, indoor car and more.

Apply a small amount of the product in a circular motion with a sponge, then removing it with a dry cloth.



Micro-fiber Car Towel

The product is soft, which will not cause any scratch on cars surface.
After wipe clean, the car body will be bright as new.
Special (double cross) type fabric structure can easily clean the dirt off
the car surfaces and encapsulate them; thus, avoid car surface damage during cleaning.
Super absorption capability, it can dry the car body quickly.
After wipe clean, no watermarks stay. It does not only save time but also more efficient.

Incredible cleaning action without any additives
Completely washable and environmentally safe
Never scratches & Never damage
Quick absorption & Quick drying
No unstable filaments & No lint
Durable & Economy
Ultra softness

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