1.How can i wash my car without water ?

2.Will it scratch my car ?

3.Will Dry waterless car wash affect my paint protection ?

4.Do i need a special cloth/rag to use DRY WATERLESS CAR WASH ?

Just spray on the Dry Waterless Car Wash and wipe the dirt gently, then use another cloth to get an excellent glaze.This product works greatly by encapsulating the dirt with the lubricant and utilizes (12) different chemicals which, when removed, causes no harm to the surface of the car. When ready to wipe off the product, it is highly suggested that the cloth be lint-free (microfiber, chamois). The outcome will be as if the car went through a professional car wash.

5. How long does it take to wash the car ?

Varies between 30 – 45 minutes time

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